Saturday, June 14, 2008


Today was a beautiful day! I held my plant sale from 10-6. I had a pretty good turnout, but I think if I had held it a few weeks earlier I would have sold more. Note the great sign. My Brother-in-Law is a sign painter and he painted the sign for me, I think that it helped draw people in.
It was a lot of fun meeting new gardeners, that is my favorite part when I have one of these sales. I didn't have a lot of plants to sell, and of course they were mostly purple, but most everyone that stopped left with something.
Several people walked through my gardens, some asked about specific plants, and others had questions about plants in their own gardens. I always enjoy having these sales but they do wear me out, and I don't get a lot done in my yard because I have to keep an eye out for customers. I spent the time that I had between customers, finishing up the planters for the patio. Tomorrow I will have to tackle the weeds in the beds, the rain over the past few weeks have given them a great start. Our local weatherman reported that for the last 9 Fridays we have had rain. It has really backed us up in our business. Last year we had no rain, and this year we have way to much. That's Indiana for you!


Amanda said...

Hello a freind of mine passed your blog along and i am enjoying it. Great sign!!!

Sherry at the Zoo said...

You're right - Indiana weather is forever changing. I'm glad you had a good turn-out for your sale.

nicoleades said...

Im new to your blog, love it! Do you sell your plants privately, in your yard? Im interested in doing this in my area, east coast. Your plants are beautiful.

Nearly said...

I am sooo inspired. Your words, God and the growing. Enjoy your day.
Nearly. :)
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