Monday, June 9, 2008


May 25 was the last time that I posted to my blog. I have missed sharing my garden, and have also missed reading what is going on in your gardens. In one of the many storms that we have experienced over the past few weeks, the little box on my roof that allows me to receive my wireless signal, was hit by lightning. After they came out and fixed that problem, I realized that my router was also hit. So after purchasing a new one, and waiting for my son to install it, (which explains why it took so long), I am finally back online. My office computer also now has problems, and I will have to find a 'geek' to work on it. How can you love and hate something at the same time? I love how my computer has made doing bookwork so much easier, and adding my books to librarything, and blogging have been great fun also. But when they stop working, it can make you crazy!
The picture above is of my Donald Wyman lilac. It is one of the last lilacs to bloom. It is named after Donald Wyman, a well known horticulturist. When I first started working at a local nursery back in the 70's, the book that I always went to when customers had questions, was Wyman's Gardening Encyclopedia. This book always had the answers. I would often look up plants just to see if they were in there. I was rarely disappointed. I remember how great it felt to finally be able to purchase the book for myself. It was a pretty pricey book back then, and there were no half price book stores, or library book sales, so I paid the full price for it. It is probably still one of the most expensive books I have ever bought, at about $40.00. I now own hundreds of books on gardening, but this is always the one that has the answers if I can't find it in the one of the others.
In the garden things are finally starting to grow. With all the cool weather and rain, most plants just sat there. Then the 90 degree weather hit, and things started to happen. One thing that happened was the strawberries. I had no idea that we would have so many. I was not prepared, nor do I have the time to put up any of them. So we are eating them, and sharing them with anyone and everyone. Most people can't believe how good they are, compared to the store-bought ones.
Well, I am cutting this post short because I want to read up on what everyone else has been up to. But I do hope to post tomorrow night on a trip that I took on Friday to a well known herb farm.
Glad to be back, and I do hope that you haven't all forgotten me!

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