Sunday, May 18, 2008


Our town is participating in the America in Bloom program this summer. The flower color that they have chosen is purple. So that means that any properties that are participating, will use purple flowers in their landscapes. One of the properties that we maintain has always used a red and white color scheme, but this year, it will be purple. So, as you can see, my greenhouse is decked out in purple.
I plan to use purple and white petunias, purple verbena, and perilla. We will probably start planting next week, if it ever warms up.
My amaryllis is blooming again. If I could just get it to bloom like this at Christmas it would be great. But this flower has a mind of it's own, and blooms when it gets good and ready. I enjoy it anyway, whenever it decides to bloom.
I was able to get a little work done in the garden this weekend. I got my green beans planted, but I think that it is still to cool to plant my tomatoes. I think our April and May got mixed up. April was very warm and dry, and so far May has been cool and wet.
My tree peony is blooming. This one is a red and white
bicolor, 'Shimanishiki'. These are some of my favorite plants. They look very exotic, but are as easy to grow as the common peony.
My yellow tree peony is just coming into bloom, and my blue one is still about a week from blooming. I will post pictures of them when they bloom.
Well, it's back to work tomorrow, and I have something going on almost every night this week, so I won't get to spend any time in the garden until next weekend, I sure hope it's nice.

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Robin's Nesting Place said...

My yard would fit right in. I love purple!