Tuesday, April 15, 2008


This is the message on my bathroom window. I think that you can tell that Mother Nature is not cooperating. This picture was taken on Saturday, the whole weekend being worthless as far as getting any gardening done. Rain, wind, and cold temperatures kept me inside most of the weekend. I did get a little planting done in the greenhouse, but I really wanted to be outside in the garden.
Then Sunday and Monday nights temperatures dropped into the 20s. I don't think that anything was hurt, the trees are not fully in flower yet, so I think that they will be alright. The weather has improved slowly since then, with the end of the week forecast to be in the 70s. But what do you suppose the forecast for the weekend is? RAIN!
Wait a minute! All week I plan for the weekend, and then it is supposed to rain! That doesn't seem fair. Why can't some of that rain be put off until July and August when we need it?
I have lots to do in the greenhouse, so it won't be a total waste if it does rain, but I would really like to get the mulch down before the perennials are up and leafed out. It makes it so much easier.
I received my shrub from White Flower Farm in the mail today, that I wrote a post about in January. If you remember I ordered a Calycanthus 'Venus' or sweet shrub. The cost was $39.95 plus $10.95 shipping. I had a $25.00 gift certificate, so the total cost was $25.00. I expected a pretty nice size shrub, but I am not kidding, what I received was a twig. I can't believe that people pay these kinds of prices. I would never order anything from this company again, after seeing the size of the plant that I got.
I also received my grapes from Miller nurseries. I ordered 1 Canadice (red seedless), 1 Lakemont (white seedless), and 1 Reliance (pink seedless). I am hoping that they are wrong about the weekend weather. I sure would like to get these in the ground. I tried grapes a few years ago, and ended up pulling them out after losing battle after battle with Japanese beetles. I have decided to try again, and will probably using netting to keep the beetles off of them.

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Connie said...

Yeah, this is the winter that doesn't want to end...here, too. We are almost a month behind weather wise....but that will make spring that much sweeter when it finally sets in. Hope you can get out and about in your garden soon!