Wednesday, March 19, 2008


It is Spring, and time for me to get back to work. It is also time to put away my "blog work station" at my dining room table. Let me explain. My main computer is in my office. This is a room that was added to our home before we moved here. It has no basement under it, has windows on two walls, and one heat vent for the room. Needless to say, in the winter, it is very cold in there.
So, a few years ago, before I began blogging, I decided that I needed a laptop. There are a few months in the winter, where I don't have to do much in the office for our business, so I thought that with a laptop I would be able to sit in my chair in the living room, where it is warmer, and check mail, do my banking, and play solitaire. I also work on genealogy in the winter months, and I would be able to take the laptop with me in my travels around the country.
Then, last winter while playing around on the internet, I found the librarything website. A place to catalog all of the books in my library, and talk with other people that love books as much as I do. I was hooked.
That website led me to blogging. I shared that story on my anniversary blog. So between blogging, adding books to my personal library, genealogy, and adding books to the library at my church that I started this winter, I needed a place that was convenient and warm. The dining room table fit the bill. We don't often have meals there anymore. It's just the three of us, and we usually eat in the kitchen, or I am embarrassed to say, in the living room in front of the TV.
So I bought a rolling cart from Sam's, and put my printer, scanner, and everything else I would need to create a mini-office on it. I attached a power strip to the side of it, and plugged everything in. That way it takes just one plug to get everything going. It has worked out very well, I even find my Son using it occasionally. If I do need to use the dining room, I wheel my mini-office into my reading room. It has worked out very well, but I am afraid that it is time to close up shop for the season. I will keep up with everyone on my office computer, now that it is warmer in there. My posts will probably not be as frequent either, but I am sure that will happen to a lot of us, because between you and me, if I have the choice of sitting at my computer, or being in my garden, you all know where I will be. I am sure that a lot of you feel the same way.
So, back to my original question. Where do you blog?

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Anna said...

Good fun question! I blog in the living room on my laptop. I want to be with my dh and watch him snore. I don't need an office so I keep my laptop on my ottoman. When I sit down, I open it up and check in.

I do my genealogy on Family Tree Maker. Most of the time I'm off on rabbit trails. Genealogy is so much fun.