Monday, March 17, 2008


I took a walk around my property on Saturday to decide what had to be done in the beds this season. I had lots of projects last summer, including filling in and repairing a trench made by my husband in an attempt to install a drain, and landscaping around our new patio. I do not have any big plans this year, but I did find a few things that I have been putting off, that need to be done.
One is this beautiful pine tree. My husband insists that it needs to come down. It is the first thing that we planted when we moved here 17 years ago. I always warn people about planting trees to close to power lines and buildings, and this is a perfect example why. At the time that I planted the pine, we had planned to have the power lines buried. The problem with that is, it costs money to have power lines buried, and there was always something that was way more important to spend extra money on, so it never got done, and now it is so expensive, we will never do it. I love this tree, and so do the birds. but I think that the power lines are going to win. I told my husband that he is in charge of cutting it down, I don't want to be around to see it happen. The only good thing is that I will get a large new planting bed in the deal.
The second project that I found in my walk was this area. I wanted to tackle this last summer, but never quit got it accomplished. The idea is to move this raised bed, that I use for holding plants, to another area. Then I want to fence an area for chickens, and use the green shed for the chicken house. Several years ago we raised chickens in this shed, and I would like to do it again. This time though I would like to raise the chickens primarily for eggs, where the last time they were all butchered. I had planned to have it ready this Spring, but as you can see that hasn't happened. This has tended to be the junk collection site, don't we all have one? It will be a great place for chickens, and I am thinking that I can pipe some of the heat generated in the greenhouse, into the shed for warmth early in the Spring. The problem with this project, as with all of the projects in this post, is that it involves my husband. He has his own list of things to do, so I usually have to keep after him to help me with my projects. The shed for the chickens needs some repairs, so this might not get done until sometime this summer. It would be nice have a place to get rid of kitchen waste, and the manure would be a good addition to the compost pile.
The third thing is this picket fence. My husband built it shortly after we moved in. It is starting to rot along the bottom, and some of the boards have rotted all the way through. We have talked about replacing it with the new plastic fencing, but none of the ones we have found really look like the old fashioned picket fences. So, he will probably build a new fence from scratch. We would also like to add a piece of fence across the front of our property so it would match this section. The idea is to build the fence in removable sections, so that they could be brought in one piece at a time, over the winter for painting. Great idea, but we ran out of time. So this project may have to wait for next winter.
The project that I dread the most is cleaning out the pond. I only do this about every three years, and I really hate it. The plants need to be removed, divided, and repotted. The fish need to be removed and the pond drained, and then the foot of muck in the bottom cleaned out. It is such a hard job, and very messy. If anyone wants to help, let me know. Free starts of pond plants, and all of the fish you want. ;)
While walking around I also noted how bad the herb garden looks. It is the only bed that I did not get cleaned up last Fall, so it will have to be the first one that I tackle this Spring. Looking back to posts from last year that have pictures of the herb garden, it is hard to believe that it will look that way again.
So, I have plenty of work cut out for me, and with our busy season upon us, it will be evenings and weekends.
I can't wait to get started!


Karen said...

I have a lot of projects this year. I don't know where to begin. I keep walking around the yard looking and making mental lists. Can't do too much, it is soooo wet here. Gotta love Indiana weather haha!

Jane Marie said...

Hi Vonlafin, It sounds like you are getting ready to be really busy with your business. You seem to have several projects at your garden also to keep you going. I'm hoping when the weather changes I'll get some enthusiasm for my garden. Still too cold here. I'll chack back with you and see how you're coming with your plans.

Anna said...

That is sure a long list!! I have one too cause I have new gardens to deal with. We are both going to have aching backs. That's too bad about your big tree. I wouldn't want to watch it being cut down either.