Thursday, March 20, 2008


For the past few months our local newspaper has ran a weekly column on bloggers in our area. I have read each one that they have printed. Most all of the blogs that have been highlighted have been about these peoples personal lives, and most from the under 30 crowd. Each week I would become more frustrated, sometimes yelling at the newspaper that there were people out there blogging for a purpose, and not just which bar they got wasted at on Saturday night. Now, I know that is important to some people, but it is much more important to me to know whose lenten rose is blooming first, and who ordered what seeds, and when will they plant them.
So, I decide to send my blog address in to the paper.
Now this is huge for me, because every one of these blogs has a picture attached of the author. I DON'T DO PICTURES! Everybody knows that, my family, my friends, everybody! I thought, oh well, they probably won't use my blog anyway, so I don't need to worry. So, off it went. I didn't hear from them over the next couple of weeks, and so I forgot all about it.
Until Monday morning. An email. "We would like to highlight your blog, and we will need a picture".
Me: "Could you just do it without a picture, maybe use that great smiling sunflower I use on my blog?".
Them: "No, but don't worry, the picture is very small, the size of a postage stamp". Yeah, right. Ok, this is when I tell them forget it. But if I do that, people will never know about all of the great gardening blogs out there. OK, so I send them the smallest picture that I can find.
Them: "We need a bigger picture". DRAT!!! I knew it! Ok, so I ask my Son to take a picture of me. He is laughing his head off, because he knows how I feel about pictures. Finally we get one, and I send it off. I am thinking that I have a few weeks to get used to the idea that my face is going to be plastered all over the newspaper.
But Wednesday morning, there it was.
Luckily, it is in a section of the paper that most people never get to, you know the one with fashion advice, self help columns, and the comics.
So I have been outed in the worst way possible, by the local newspaper. I just hope that my sacrifice has raised the opinions of people everywhere that bloggers aren't a bunch of nuts that don't have anything better to do than send there thought and opinions out into cyberspace, for all to see.
We have a purpose!!


Carol said...

We do indeed 'serve a purpose' as gardeners across the world find one another on the Internet. We learn from one another, marvel at each others' gardens and encourage each other whether we are new or experienced gardeners.

Congratulations on being "outed" in the newspaper!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Yvonne, and thanks for standing up for garden bloggers everywhere! Your sacrifice of privacy has not been in vain!

Crafty Gardener said...

Congrats on having your blog in your local newspaper. I totally understand how you feel about photos ... I don't use my real photo on my profile either.