Saturday, March 1, 2008


Well, here in Lafayette March came in like a lamb. I hope that doesn't mean what they say it means. I am ready for the snow to be over. The thing that I dislike most about March is that it seems to be windier than other months. I hate wind. I can take the cold, but when you add wind, I get very irate.
I have not made it to the greenhouse to do any planting yet. I did go out and check on the plants that I overwintered, and they all looked pretty good. There are a few that I will need to repot, but most will go directly into the beds. I just ran out of time last Fall, so I was happy to see that they survived.
The work at my church has taken a lot more time than I thought that it would, as those projects often do. But I should be able to begin filling the library with books by next week. It is very exciting to see a drab, ugly room, transformed with a little paint and carpet.
I am ready to put all of my painting supplies away now, and get out my gardening tools. It has been a productive winter, but I am so ready to get my hands in some soil. I know that all of you feel the same way.

(I borrowed the picture above from our local news station, I hope that they don't mind.)

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Carol said...

Yes, projects can take longer than we think. I haven't started my seeds yet either, but I am not one to rush it and end up with leggy seedlings begging to be planted outside, when there is still a threat of frost.

Everything in its own time!
Enjoy the day.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens