Thursday, February 7, 2008


Sorry I have not posted lately, I am in the middle of winter projects. I have been given the go-ahead on a library for my church. So I have spent a couple of days painting the room, and getting ready for new carpet. I have picked out the book cases, and as soon as the carpet is in, they will be installed, and then the books can be added. The majority of the books will come from my personal library, and the rest will be donated. We will eventually purchase books as memorials, and add books that parishioners request. This library has been in the back of my mind for years, so I have not gotten rid of any books, in anticipation of moving them to the church. I am definitely running out of shelf space at my house, so it will be good to transfer the books I have saved, to the church. There is another library sale at the end of the month, and I will now have shelf space!
I intend to have the library on, so I have been removing the books from my library, and adding them to the church library. This takes a lot of time, so I have not been able to 'blog' much. I did think that I would pop on and add something that I ran across in my travels. I hope you enjoy it!


1.) Thou shalt not covet the neighbors roses.
2.) Thou shalt honor thy mum and thy poppy.
3.) Thou shalt not plant it if thou cannot spell it.
4.) Thou shalt not feel silly talking to plants.
5.) Thou shalt nurture thy bleeding heart and thy weeping willow.
6.) Thou shalt dig in thy dirt, not dish thy dirt.
7.) Thou shalt bloom where thou be planted.
8.) Thy plants shall be expelled from thy Garden of Weeden.
9.) Thou shalt forget-me-not with friendship everlasting.
10.) Thou shalt rest on the seventh daisy.


Sherry said...

The one about not planting it if you can't pronounce it made me laugh out loud! Is that the Latin name or the common name?

vonlafin said...

I think maybe the latin name, if you can't pronounce the common name, should should not even be gardening!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love the 10 commandments of gardening.

At the church that a friend of mine goes to they have a library and it is well used.