Tuesday, February 26, 2008


While shopping at Sam's this week I ran across one of the orchids that I had purchased a month ago for my friend that turned 90 years old. The plant was not in bloom anymore, so the price was reduced from $30.00, to $6.00. I quickly grabbed one up, and only one because my husband was along. if he had not been with me, I am not sure how many of them would have come home with me. The only problem was that I really wanted a yellow one, and could not tell what color this one will be. I guess it will be a surprise!
Well, as I stated in the previous post, I have been very busy. Therefore, I let my blog anniversary slip by. February 20 2007. I had jotted the date down on my notepad about a month ago, but I missed it!
So, happy late anniversary to me!
How did I get started blogging you ask? Well, it is kind of a funny story. I ran across Librarything while playing on the Internet, and thought that this had to be the neatest site I had ever found. I immediately decided to add my books. I had no idea how many books I owned, and how much of a job it would be to catalog them. After entering several hundred books I began to notice that there were several people that had a lot of the same books that I had. One of these people was from Indianapolis, Carol at May Dreams Gardens. I sent a note to her on Librarything, and she wrote back. She commented that when I got my blog going, to let her know. Blog???? I had never had any experience with a blog, what exactly was it? Wasn't it just a bunch of people that didn't have anything better to do than sit around and write about there daily lives, stuff nobody really cared about?
So, I went to Carol's blog, and from there to other gardening blogs. I was hooked. These people actually wrote about gardening!! This is great, other people that loved gardening as much as I did!! I have never been very good at journaling about my garden, what an opportunity this would be to keep track of my garden in a blog. Of course my Husband and Son made fun of me, and my Son's girlfriend even giggled one night when she was over, laughingly wondering how many people read it, 10 maybe 20? When I told her that over a period of a year, there had been over 4000 people read it, she stopped laughing. I said that she just didn't understand gardeners. We don't write about the date we went on last night, or the new makeup we were trying. we write about important things like which tomato variety was the best, and where was the best place to buy seeds. She looked at me like I was crazy, and walked off.
So, I continue to blog, whether anybody reads it or not. I can now enjoy going back and following where I was at this time last year. I would never have taken time to record these events in a notebook, it's just not as much fun. And I am so happy to have met all of the people that "garden" on their computer too. I have learned from your posts and hope that you have learned from mine. After all, that is what we are here for, to help each other out in the pursuit of the "perfect" garden.


Kylee said...

Well, vonlafin, you know I totally understand! And congratulations on your blogiversary!
On the orchid note, I'm soooooo jealous of your find! And I'm afraid I would have had to take about three of those, whether my husband was with me or not. That was just too good to pass up!!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I read and it is so much easier now with Blotanical to know when you post.

Happy Anniversary!

vonlafin said...

Thanks Kylee and Robin. I don't always leave a comment, but I never miss one of your posts.

Kerri said...

You make perfect sense to me :) It really is fun to swap thoughts with others who love gardening as much as we do, and we do learn an amazing amount, don't we?
I missed my second blogiversary which was on January 15th (I think). Time flies when you're having fun :)
I popped over from Robin's.

Carol said...

Congratulations on your blog anniversary. I'm happy to have helped a little bit to get you started.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! Blogging is addictive and fun, and educational. I've learned soo much about gardening from bloggers.

eve said...

I love your blog. I just discovered it today. I know a lot of people read blogs but never post and I just wanted to let you know that someone from the beautiful Gulf Coast of Mississippi is reading yours. We are square ft gardening this year, I used to do the Ruth Stout method but it is hard to find old hay anymore around here.
Congratulations on your anniversary and please keep bloging.