Tuesday, January 15, 2008


We are back home! I am not much of a vacation person, and we don't take many trips because of our work. When we do get a chance to go somewhere, it has to be in the winter.
Our last day in Nashville was Sunday. As soon as we checked out of our hotel room, we headed for the Opryland hotel. Everything that I had heard about it was true. The hotel and the gardens were beautiful! It was so nice to be around plants again. It has only been a few months since I have been able to garden, but it seems like forever! I think that, that couple of hours in the hotel will get me through until Spring. The gardens are kept in perfect condition, but if I had had my pruning shears along, I would have trimmed up a few plants. They would probably frown on that, so it is lucky that I left them at home. I think that they were in the middle of Christmas decorations, and Spring planting, so there were a few open areas of soil. My husband had to hold me back from digging through it. We never found any other garden related stores, though on the way home I spotted a Worms Way store from the highway, of course not in time to get off the right exit to stop. So, I guess that I will spend this week going over the catalogs that I have received, and getting my seeds ordered. Then I will have an excuse the first of February to get out into the greenhouse and do some planting. There is nothing like the smell of the greenhouse on a sunny day in February! I can't wait!


Connie said...

Lovely photos! My eye so craves color this time of year.
I need to get out and clean up my greenhouse...I still have flats full of saved garden seeds out there drying. I will begin winter sowing this week. Yippee!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Glad you had a good trip and are home safe and sound.

Several years ago my husband had a business meeting at the Opryland Hotel and the family was able to go with him. We really enjoyed our week there and got PLENTY of exercise each day. That place is huge.

Carolyn gail said...

And that's what I like about the South ! Welcome back. I've been in that Opryland garden and it is very tranquil and beautiful.

I remember seeing rows of Magnolia Grandiflora on the outward grounds of the hotel - they were breathtaking !

Jessica said...

Opryland is one of my favorite places to go during winter. I always find some new inspiration for my own garden when I visit.