Sunday, January 13, 2008


I am sorry that I didn't post any pictures from the Opryland hotel. I haven't gotten there yet!
We spent yesterday touring downtown Nashville. We enjoyed the music coming out of the bars, the barbecue sandwich's at Jack's, and stopping in the guitar, boot, and gift stores. My Son found a pair of boots that he couldn't live without, and after much pleading, and the offer to sign over his tax check, he made his purchase. We then headed to the Country Music Hall of Fame. It was very nice, but very tiring. We had tickets for the Opry at 8:00, and over the winter months, the performances are held in the Ryman auditorium. That was great to see, and we really enjoyed it, but did not get back to the hotel until very late. I was to exhausted to even check my mail.
This morning we had to be downtown for the start of the Sound and Speed event. Now, Nascar is not high on my favorites list, but I decided that I could stand it for a day, to please my family. It was very hard, but I made it through. Then, in the evening was the concert with Alan Jackson, Taylor Swift, and Jason Michael Carroll. The concert was definitely worth putting up with the day of Nascar, and well worth the ticket price. The only bummer for the day was finding out that the Ford company had opened the Country Music Hall of Fame, free for the day. I had paid $50.00 the day before for us to go through it.
So, I announced to the guys tonight, that tomorrow is my day. We will be heading, first thing, to the Opryland hotel so that I can get my garden 'fix', before we head home.
Thanks for the suggestions Jacob. I think we saw all of the sites that you recommended, but no Lyle Lovett at the guitar store. :(

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Carolyn gail said...

Alan Jackson ? That 7 feet tall country hunk that can sing as well ? I'm SO jealous ! Did he sing " Remember When ?"-my fave?