Friday, January 4, 2008


Well, it looks like we are going to be back into the 50s this weekend. I think the outdoor Christmas decorations will have to come down, we may not get another opportunity for awhile. These decoration were made by my husband a few years ago. I had seen them in a magazine and decided that they would make a great gift for all of my sisters for Christmas.... and I would need a few for myself. Copper wasn't as costly then, so he bought some pipe, cut them to different lengths, and then glued regular ornaments to the tops of the pipes. I only expected a year out of them, but this is the third or fourth year, and they still look pretty good. The ornaments that I used were the boxed kind you can get after Christmas for practically free, so they were pretty cheap to make. They look really nice with just a string of white light underneath them, but this year I had these snowflakes, so I used them. I had several guests comment on how nice they looked, and they shed just enough light that I didn't have to turn the back overhead light on so people could see where they were going. The nice part is, that when the ornaments get bad, you can just knock them off and attach new ones.
The seed catalog's are still flooding the mailbox. You would think that after years of not ordering from some of them, they would give up...but they don't. I have started to look through them, but not to seriously yet. I will need to clear a large area on the dining room table, and get down to business next week. I think though before I do, I will check my seeds from last year and make sure that I don't order any that I already have.
I did run across a $25.00 gift certificate that I got from White Flower Farm when I paid for a subscription to Fine Gardening magazine. With their prices, maybe I could buy a crocus bulb or two!

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