Thursday, January 10, 2008


I am writing this from a hotel room in Nashville Tennessee. We made plans to take this trip about a month ago, and before I knew it, the time was here.
I don't know why this idea came to me, but I saw an advertisement for a "Sound and Speed" event on this weekend, and decided to check into it. The "Sound" part for my Son, and the "Speed" part for my husband. I am sure you are asking, 'what is in it for you?' Well, I have always wanted to see the Opryland hotel, acres of indoor gardens, and water features. So, that is on my agenda for tomorrow. Doesn't that sound great for the middle of winter?
The real reason that we decided on this trip is because when I mentioned it to my Son, he seemed very excited. Shocking to me, because at 21 years old, who knew that he would still want to go on a trip with his parents. So, knowing that this would probably be the last trip that we take as a family,we decided to go. We did go through some unbelievable rain on the way, but we got here safe without any problems.
It has been worth it already to see his excitement over this town. He is a huge Johnny Cash fan, and when he plays, sounds an awful lot like him. We toured the Opry Mills shopping center today, way more shopping than I need, and not a garden store anywhere!
I am very sad that we won't be visiting the Cheekwood Botanical Garden. I am afraid that this would not be the best time of year to see it, maybe next time.
So, maybe tomorrow night, if I am not worn out from the walking, I will post some pictures of the hotel. I can't wait!!


Carol said...

I've stayed at the Opryland Hotel, their indoor gardens are amazing. You are in for a treat!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Jacob said...

As a former Nashville resident, I'm jealous. Make sure you go to the country music hall of fame. Also be sure to take your son to Gruhn Guitars in downtown Nashville. It is one of the most famous guitar stores on earth. (400 Broadway, not all that far from the museum). I bought my first guitar there, and Lyle Lovett was playing on the stool next to me. (Because they sell cheap guitars AND very very expensive vintage guitars).

If you want to catch 5 minutes of pretty standard (not great, but no cover) Country music in the evening downtown, I recommend 2 spots -- Robert's Western Wear (notable for it's sort of hilarious decor) and Tootsie's Orchid Lounge (notable for the fact that it's where all the "Grand Old Opry" acts used to go before their gigs at the Ryman auditorium.) You can also take a tour of the gibson guitar factory, but you probably already saw signs for that if you were at Opry Mills the other day.

Sadly I don't know anything good gardening wise, except that that campus for my alma mater, Vanderbilt, is a national arboretum, but I don't think we have any cool gardens, unfortunately.

Email me if you need any recommendations. I spent a good three years in that town going every place I could. :)