Wednesday, January 30, 2008


After reading Kylee's post over at Our Little Acre about how her home shows her love of gardening, I thought that I would share some reasons why you might think that I like gardening too. You won't find house plants in my home though. Unlike Kylee, I am not much of an indoor gardener. I have a few Orchids, and the plants that I bring in from outdoors in the Fall, but that is about it.

This is my living room bookcase. This one doesn't begin to hold all of my books, but it does hold my nicest ones, not the ones that you drag out to the garden with you.

This is my dining room. Most of the pictures above the buffet are garden related. This room used to be pink with a old-fashioned flower border. I got tired of the pink a few years ago. I like this much better.

This is my bedroom. Several years ago my Sister and I both saw this picture and wanted it. She ended up with it. After hanging in her home for some time, she moved into a new home and changed her entire style of decorating. Lucky for me, this picture did not fit in. I bought it at her garage sale, and see it every morning when I wake up. It was worth waiting for.

This is my reading room. My favorite spot to read. Every wall in this room is covered with books, and as you can see, my little "reading angel" keeps watch over my books when I am not there.

This is my kitchen. I love this room. It is so cheerful, and red has always been my color. When we bought this house the kitchen was a disaster. We lived with it until a few years ago, and then decided to tackle it one winter. My husband had never done tile work, and was worried about my bold choice of color. I reassured him that it would be fine, and it turned out great, and he did a wonderful job on the tile. The border and wall paper are vegetables, and my Sister sewed the curtains.
As you leave the kitchen to go out the back door, I have a poster of different herbs from the garden. I love these posters, and have three in my home. The tomato poster you can see in the kitchen photo, and there is a corn poster in my mud room.

This is the mud room just inside the back door. I don't wear hats often, so these don't get much use.

The office is just inside the back door, off the mud room. This is where the majority of my gardening books are kept. This makes them convenient for my work, and also to get to from the garden without tracking mud all through the house. You will note the box under the chair. I have run out of room for books, so I am either going to have to move to a bigger house, or kick my Son out so that I can make the entire upstairs into a library.
Thanks Kylee. I have never looked at my house through someone else's eyes to see what you could tell about me from the way I decorate. It was kind of fun!


Connie said...

Boy, wouldn't I love to curl up at your house with a book or two. :-)

Sherry said...

Wow! You can certainly tell that you love books and love to garden...Makes me look up from my computer and pause at what I see..

Kylee said...

Wow, you can certainly tell you're a gardener! Moreso than me! What a cozy, charming home you have. Thanks for taking us on a tour! :-)

Anonymous said...
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Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have such a charming home. Thanks for the tour. I wouldn't kick out your son if I were you. I would just nudge him out by putting a bookcase into his room ever so often and filling it with your books and things. Tee hee...just kidding.