Thursday, December 27, 2007


Wow! What great weather we had today! It was near 50 degrees and sunny. I was able to get out and put away a few things that I missed earlier this fall. A few clay pots, my sun dial, and some miscellaneous statuary. I also took a walk around the yard to see what damage the rabbits had already done. I found a few plants chewed on, but they couldn't get to the new burning bush that I planted this Fall. After I planted them, and before I got the wire cages put around them, they did trim them back a little. But it doesn't look like they are able to get to them now. I will have to watch for heavy snow, because I am sure that they will use that opportunity to walk on top of the snow to get to the plants. I am hoping for a nice hedge from these burning bush in a few years, and that won't happen if the rabbits can get to them.
I also checked on the plants that I am over wintering in the greenhouse. I ran out of time this Fall, so they will have to spend the winter inside. It isn't the ideal environment. It warms up during the day, but gets very cold at night.
I usually don't have a problem until late February, and then they think that it is Spring, and start growing.
I only am able to use my greenhouse in the early Spring, because it would cost way to much to heat it over the winter.
I have had this greenhouse for a very long time, and it has quit a history. Back in the 1980's I worked for company from Michigan, that was affiliated with Purdue University, and was experimenting with growing tissue culture roses. We would grow rose bushes, in baby food jars, with about 25 bushes to a jar, in a medium that looked a lot like Jello. Hard to believe, but that is what we did. My job was to take the plants, after they had grown roots, into the greenhouse, pot them up, and care for them until they could be sold. It was a very interesting job, and I really enjoyed it.
When they built the greenhouse on the site, they decided to try and build one out of regular conduit pipe. They were successful, and we used it for several years. When the time came to shut down the experiment, everything had to go. I was given the greenhouse, and everything that went with it, if I could just remove it from the premises. My husband and I took it apart, and numbered every piece, so that we would know how to get it back together. Several years passed before I had a property to put the greenhouse on, but finally, we put it up, and I have been using it ever since. For a few years I grew herbs, and sold them locally, but it was hard to do that and work in our landscaping business, so eventually I had to give it up. I still grow the flowers that we use in our landscapes, and enough herbs and vegetable plants for myself, and a few friends. We have to change the poly covering every 5 years, and are in the process of replacing the benches, but other than that, it is pretty maintenance free.
My favorite thing is towards the end of February when I head out to the greenhouse to start my seeds. It is so wonderful in there, and smells all earthy and Spring-like. I hope some day I will be able to get back to growing and selling herbs and flowers from my home, I really enjoyed that.


Curtis said...

What a wonderful greenhouse. Reminds me of the one my Dad and I made from pvc pipe. Yours is twice as big. I miss my old greenhouse and the plants I used to grow in it.

Ewa said...

It is great to have a greenhouse and watch seeds germinating all around from February :)
Do you know that if you really really want something, it will happen?
So I whish your dreams come true!

Ewa said...

oh.. I forgot to say, that I really laught seeing the counter :) 87 days to spring! great news! I smelled it is coming soon, but seeing the number of days made me more happy :)