Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Snow is forecast for this evening!! I am not ready!! There is still to much to do outside!!
As soon as I heard the forecast for snow, I left the Christmas decorating, and headed outdoors. I still have plants that I did not get into the ground, so they had to be either put into the greenhouse to overwinter, or bedded into the garden for the winter. I also had a few planters that needed to be put into the shed, my 2 swings were still hanging, etc., etc., etc.
There was one project that absolutely had to be done. In the fall we pick up lots of leaves, and
I keep several of the better loads, (the ones that are mostly oak leaves), for my beds. They make a great mulch for the beds that I don't want to cover with bark mulch. These leaves are wonderful because they go through the mower, and then go through a vacuum that shoots them into a covered truck. This process chops them into pieces, so they are easy to spread and stay put over the winter. The pile in the picture above are to cover my herb garden next Spring, but I had another pile dumped in the back on the grass. I had to get these moved or the grass would die underneath them. So out I went in the 30 degree weather, to get it done before the snow. It actually didn't feel as cold as it was. The sun was out most of the day, and the wind was not blowing.
I got the leaves all used up, and even though the grass looked pretty bad under them, I think it will be fine next Spring. These leaves are one of the advantages of having a lawn service, and I always make sure that I get at least two truck loads every Fall to use on my property. I also have friends stop by to see if I have any left over. They bring there garbage bags and load them up. I also often have people stop for soil. We make our own out of all of the debris that we accumulate over the summer. This is primarily my husbands job. I think he is just so amazed that it works. The pile is so large that he uses the tractor to mix it. It is quit amazing how nice the soil is that we end up with. This is the other advantage to my business. I always have good composted soil available when I need it. Sometimes the pile gets so large that my husband
starts using it for jobs where he needs to fill in
an area with dirt. I always give him a hard time when he does that. Imagine using "black gold" to fill in a hole. I have told him that we could probably sell both the leaves and the soil, but we just never get around to it.
So, I use what I need, and the rest just keeps piling up.
Well, hopefully we won't have a lot of snow. They are saying 2-5 inches. But the temperature through the weekend is supposed to be in the 40s, so maybe I will get back out there on Saturday.


Chris said...

Hey nice post. I like the pics. It looks like you're ready for anything! Especially snow!! Have a great one!

Chris J.


CresceNet said...
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Connie said...

Wow, you are blessed to have such a huge pile of wonderful leaves! We have mostly pines around us, so I really have to go looking for leaves in the fall.