Sunday, December 2, 2007


What happens when you put a rainy day, a check book, and a book sale together?

That's right, big trouble for me. The sale actually started on Friday night. If you are a friend of the
library, (and I am a VERY good friend!), and you pay yearly dues, you are invited to the sale on Friday night before it opens to the general public on Saturday morning. I decided that I had run out of room for books, so I made plans for Friday night, and managed to keep my mind occupied on Saturday, so that I would not think about the treasures that I was missing downtown.
But, what finally got to me was the fact that the books are all marked half price on Sunday. How on earth could I ignore that! And besides, it was raining, so my plan of finishing some things in the garden, went out the window. So what was I to do? Head downtown of course. I gave my self a good talking to on the way, reminding myself that I really was out of room, and had no place else to stash any books. But once I got there....well, you book lovers know what happened. There were garden books, and Christmas books, a book I had purchased at Barnes and Noble this summer, and returned because I didn't think I needed it was there for $1.oo! Plus, it is winter, so I needed a few novels to read. And, it was raining outside, so I had to stay in there until it stopped. Finally, about 30 books later, I lugged my treasures to the car. I had left my home in the morning for church, so when I came driving into the driveway at 3 o'clock, my husband came to see were I had been. When he saw the bags, he just started shaking his head. He knows my weakness, and just smiled and carried the bags to the house.
So tonight I scan them into Librarything, and then try to find them a home. It won't be easy.


Carol said...

Tsk, tsk. I suppose there could be worse habits than buying 'a few' books now and then. We all do it!

It rained down here in Indy, too. Just a miserable, cloudy, rainy day. Perfect for staying indoors!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Leslie said...

I don't blame you...someone has to give the poor books a home! And when they are practically giving them away who could expect you to resist? If you are interested I've tagged you with the Eight Things I'm Happy About meme that came to me from Garden Wise Guy.