Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Where did October go? It seems like it was just yesterday that I thought, 'Oh good, it's October, I will get so much done in the garden this month!' Tomorrow is the last day of the month, and I have only crossed two things off of my extremely long 'to do' list.
Part of the reason that I haven't completed more items from my list was the wedding of my favorite niece, on October 20. Even though I am just the Aunt, there was lots to do, and no extra time to spend in the garden.
I finally did get back to the garden this past weekend, but felt that I needed to get all of the plants moved inside that I did not want to lose to frost. Then there are my worms. This Spring when I started my vermiculture experiment, I placed my "can-o-worms" just outside the back door. All summer long I added all my kitchen waste, and the worms loved it! But, red worms do not tolerate cold weather, so I needed to get them moved inside for the winter. I decided at this time, to add fresh bedding, and move the worms into there new home in the basement. So I dumped the worms onto an old shower curtain, and sorted them into their new bedding. I really wanted to do this, to see how many worms had survived the summer. I was happy to see lots of red worms, and some really great compost. I added shredded newspaper, peat moss, and leaves to create their new
environment, so they are now ready to munch up all of our kitchen waste through the winter.
Now I am praying for a few more days of
good weather so that I can get the rest of my
fall work done. I still have plants to get into the ground, perennials to cut off, and annuals to pull. I also need to put all of my birdbaths, and outside decor away for the winter.
I have two sheds, one to store all of my garden "stuff", and they other we use for raising chickens. We have not raised any chickens for a few years, so I store my patio furniture in it. So, over the weekend, I open the door to this shed, and notice that some animal has been using the shed as it's personal bathroom. And by the looks of it, it's either a raccoon or a possum. Now I have to pull everything out, and try to find out where he is getting in. I did not need this task added to my already long list of things to do this fall. But I know that if I don't take care of this problem now, my patio furniture will not be fit to sit in come spring.
So, this weekend I will be back out there trying to catch up. I sure hope that November doesn't fly by like October did!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Finally cooler weather!! The only thing that still looks good in my garden is the sedum, everything else is burned up or burned out. All the rain has gone around us, so I am still watering to at least keep everything alive.
My fruit garden has done really well considering it's the first year. I have been eating raspberries on and off all fall. Hopefully next year the blueberries and strawberries will be as plentiful.
The fencing have kept the rabbits out, so the plants are not being chewed to the ground every other day.
I have started a list of what needs to be moved this fall, and what should be left until spring. I always leave grasses to divide in the spring. I have not had much luck moving or dividing them in the fall. As tough as they are, they don't seem to make it very well through the winter if they are not rooted in well. I really would rather move and divide plants in the fall. There are so many other things to do in the spring, that the more I can get done in the fall the better. I also like to cut all of the perennials off in the fall. I f I leave them, the rabbits have lots of places to hide over the winter.
My tomato cages worked well, except that I didn't anchor them down, and the first big wind that came along knocked them over. I just left them, and continued picking the tomatoes where they lay, but next year I will be staking them at the same time that I plant the tomatoes. I also will not be planting near as many tomatoes as I did this year. I have offered them to everyone that I know, but most people only want them if you deliver them, they don't want to have to come and pick the tomatoes themselves. I enjoyed the cherry tomatoes more this year, they seemed to have a better flavor than the regular tomatoes.
This weekend is the Feast of the Hunter's Moon here in Lafayette. I have not been to it in years, but for the last 3 years we have held our annual garage sale on that weekend. We call it the 'Feast of the Garage Saler's Moon'. We always have a big crowd, and get a lot of people stopping that are headed in for the Feast. I usually have some plants to sell, and all the miscellaneous stuff that I have accumulated over the past year.
So, I will be busy for the next few days getting ready for the sale, then on Friday night is the library book sale, that I should not be going to, but can not seem to stay away.