Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'M BACK!!!!

Wow, it has been a long time since I have posted anything!! I guess that I should explain. Basically, I have 'garden burnout'. I know that gardeners aren't supposed to admit to garden burnout, but I feel that I must explain my absence.
I have not done anything in my garden for a month, except water. I just got tired of trying to keep everything looking good. I really want to start cutting perennials off, but I know that it is a bit to early. I am planning to move some plants around, and plant a few that I picked up at season end sales, but I am waiting for it to cool off a little.
The herb garden is the only thing that seems to be doing well. I haven't watered it at all, but it just keeps growing. I am amazed when I look back at earlier posts and see what it looked like in the spring, and then look at it now. The goldenrod, and the fennel look especially good this time of year.
I have a small pond in the herb garden, and am afraid that it is going to need to be cleaned out this fall. When I was feeding the
fish the other day I noticed a large object that looked like a log, laying in the middle of the pond. After examining it more closely, I realized that it is the root of one of the lilies!
The plants in the pond are also busting out of their pots, so they will have to be divided and repotted also. I dread this job. If you have a pond you know what I mean. It is messy, you have to find somewhere to keep the fish while you are cleaning out the pond, and you usually end up in the water at some point in the process.
I have been using my away-from-the-garden time constructively. I volunteered at my church to revamp the kitchen pantry. This involved removing everything from the room, painting the walls and ceiling, installing a new light, putting together the new shelving, and then moving everything back. This then lead to finding someone to install new flooring in the kitchen. And if this wasn't enough, I then decided to paint two classrooms, and arrange for carpet to be installed in the rooms. Needless to say, I have spent the last month inside. In 20 years of business I have never had any time off during the summer months. Because of the hot dry summer, and the fact that the employees actually stayed on past June 1st, I was able to take some time off.
My cactus also decided to bloom one more time before winter. I guess that it wants me to see how beautiful the flowers are, so that when it comes time to drag it insde for the winter, I won't decide that it's not worth the trouble. It weighs a ton, and it is a cactus, so you have to be VERY careful!
So, I will spend the rest of the evening catching up with all of my fellow bloggers. I am sure you all have continued blogging in my absence, so I better get started.


Carol said...

Welcome back! Your gardens look great, so your watering must have been all they needed. Sometimes "less is more", right?

And it is nice that your church benefited from your time off, it sounds like you were quite busy!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Carolyn gail said...

You deserved the time off after two decades ! You were not idle , however, and did a great deed for your church.

This summer has been slow due to the hot weather for me as well and so I had time to sneak out of State.

Your garden, however, looks exceptionally well , but that, of course is because it got the water it needed.

Kylee said...

Glad to see you're back!

Aren't cacti blooms just the most pretty things? I can't believe how much my cacti have grown this summer. Soon I'll need to take them in. They haven't bloomed in quite awhile, so maybe they'll do it soon.

Connie said...

Your garden is still looking good! I like your scarecrow and your pond, and those cactus flowers are just gorgeous.