Sunday, August 12, 2007


My sister and I spent the day yesterday in Indy, plant shopping. We usually go down once a year, in the late summer, just to search for plant bargains. We try to hit all of the major garden centers, have lunch, and maybe even get to a half-price bookstore. We found our bargain plants a Habig's, we each got about 10 new plants at $2.00 each. They still looked really good, so we were very excited. We didn't find much at the other nursery's, so after getting lost a few times, we found a half-price bookstore, and spent about an hour there. I always head first to the clearance area, and then check out the gardening section. I picked up several garden books for $1.00 each, and in the garden section, found the newly released "The $64 Tomato". I was surprised to find this book, considering that it was just published this year. I am about 1/3 of the way through it, and have to say that I can so relate to a lot of what he writes about. I wonder how many of us gardeners have spent this much money to grow the perfect tomato, or other vegetable. It is a very humorous book, and well written.
The hibiscus are at the height of beauty right now. This one, "Blue River II", I bought at a local nursery a few years ago for my moon garden. When I took it to the counter to buy it, the employee ringing up the sale claimed that is was mis-marked, and should be priced a lot higher than the tag said. They gave it to me for the price it was marked, but weren't to happy about it.
I spent most of today watering. I was thinking about last year and remembering that I never once had to use a sprinkler all of last year. That was the first time that happened since we moved to this property 17 years ago. I am definitely making up for it this year. I am so tired of dragging hoses around the yard, and trying to decide who needs water the most, the vegetable garden, the shrubs beds, or the perennial borders. I try to get them all at least once a week. Every time I water I think to myself that we surely will have rain before I need to water again, but that isn't happening. Oh well, enough whining about the weather, it's Indiana, tomorrow we could have snow!


Connie said...

I share your watering woes...Rain will be soooo welcome when it comes. Pretty hibiscus!

Carol said...

Snow? Not tomorrow, hopefully!

Believe it or not, I've not been to a Habigs...none on my side of town. I keep thinking I should go to one, but just haven't. Sad!

And sad is the lack of rain. Today the water company asked everyone to stop watering their lawns until the weekend. And this time they must mean it because they also told people with sprinkler systems to turn them off.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Trey Pitsenberger said...

Living where it never rains in summer I always find it interesting how you folks can go through a whole summer without watering.

Anyway, I hope the rains come soon for you. We are prepared here with sprinkler systems and drip systems. Its a way of life. Our rains should be here by October!

Kylee said...

Oh my gosh, I'm SO jealous you found that book for a dollar! I've been wanting to buy it! I have a friend that goes to Indy once a week, so maybe I could talk her into getting it for me.

I know what you mean about the hose holding thing. There's hardly been a day that's gone by this summer that I haven't been watering something.