Tuesday, August 7, 2007


The party is over! Now I can relax. Sunday we held my husband's 50th birthday party. His brother and nephew were here form Seattle, and his sister and her husband from Michigan. This was a surprise to him, and I had to keep it quite for weeks. I did, and he was very surprised. We ended up with a very hot day for the party, but still we had a good turn out of just over 50 people. We had a very good time, and my husband got to visit with a lot of people that he hasn't seen for awhile. He also got to spend a lot of time with his brother and nephew.
The picture to the left is a part from some farm implement, but looks kind of like a metal flower. It has a funny story behind it. My niece, (a city girl), has met the love of her life, (a farm boy), and plans to be married in October. She has five aunt's. Her fiance came with her to the party and brought this for me to put in my garden. When I saw it I told him that he was definitely "in" with me now, and welcome into the family. He had a big smile on his face until the other sister's started asking where their "metal flower" was. They tried to take mine, an we were going back and forth about who should get this one. He tried to make peace and give mine to my older sister, and then would bring me one later. I replied that then he was definitely "out". He hasn't been around me enough to tell if I was kidding or not, and the look on his face was priceless. Here he stood with all these women arguing over who gets the metal flower. My older sister finally took pity on him, and told him that he could get her one later, and he was off the hook. We had him going for awhile though. I am sure that he thought he had really screwed up big time.
The picture below is of a bird bath that had a cracked bowl. I glued it back together but it still
leaked, so I had my husband drill holes in the bottom for drainage, and then I planted it with sedum, added a few garden fairies, and, made a very nice planter out of it. Like I have said before, I believe that there is a use for everything, and this bird bath still had some life left in it even though the bowl had been broken.
I don't expect that the sedum will over winter in it very well, so I will probably transplant it to a more permanent spot this fall.
We still need rain here, it keeps missing us. It is also very hot and windy. So, I guess I will start the sprinklers up again tomorrow. I hate to say it, but I am looking forward to fall.


Carol said...

Yes, fall would be welcome if it brings rain and relief from the heat. It was hotter in Lafayette today than Indy by a few degrees, according to the weatherman.

Stay cool and congrats on a successful party and for scoring the metal "flower".

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Connie said...

Your metal flower adds a nice touch...and I love what you did with the birdbath! Where nothing else will survive...sedums to the rescue. :-)

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I'm glad your party turned out well and that you pulled off the big surprise.
Thankfully we got a bit of the rain last night, I'm sorry it missed you.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

What a great idea for a bird bath that is no longer usable! And I love little tiny sedums..........hmmm....what a great idea.

Ellis Hollow said...

That metal flower is a rotary hoe wheel. Picture a tool bar on the back of a tractor with a bunch of these spaced about 6 inches apart. They are run shallowly through a field of corn or soybeans just about the time they are emerging to kill early weeds while they are still very small or just germinating. The tips of the wheels dull with wear and need replacing. If you are in the Corn Belt, you can probably find a ready source of these.

vonlafin said...

Thanks Ellis,
I was told that the 'flower' was from a rotary hoe, I just hope that he can find more so that everyone is happy. I have also seen these welded to rebar to truly make them flowers.