Sunday, July 8, 2007


The patio roof is going up! After waiting on the building permit, we are finally able to get on with the roof for the patio. We had to agree that we were not going to use the patio for business use. That was fine with me, that was never the plan.
We have already spent many evenings setting on the patio, I am sure once it is finished we will use it even more.
What I did not mention on my blog was that this coming Sunday we are having a church picnic, here, and the patio will be done, one way or another. My husband and I both work well under pressure, and you can't get much more pressure than that!
My garden is pretty much done, no three foot weeds in any of them, so we can concentrate on finishing the patio. Of course we still have to work everyday, so we will be working some late evenings to get everything ready.
Friday night was another book sale at our local library. I did pretty well, I think only because they didn't have as many gardening books as usual. I still managed to find a few nice books. It's a good thing that they only have these sales a few times a year, because I don't have any more room for books!


Connie said...

Your patio is going to be a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the fellowship of friends.
You found some great books at that library sale....I would have chosen up every one of them. ;-)
Hope you have a lovely time at your picnic!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I wish I could cover my patio; that will be so nice when you are finished.
I love library sales! I found quite a few books myself last week but they weren't garden related. I did pick up a few garden books at Half-price Books $1.00 clearance sale several days ago.