Wednesday, July 4, 2007


The daylilies are in bloom! There are so many to choose from, it is hard to decide which one's to pick for your garden. I have many different varieties, some that I have lost track of their name, and some given to me, so I have no way of knowing their names. It doesn't really matter, if I like them they stay, if I don't like them, I give them away.
This particular variety is, I think, 'Black Eyed Stella'. It is a pretty large plant, and the flowers are bright and vibrant.
The beetle's don't seem to bother daylilies, so I plan to keep adding them to my garden.
An interesting note about the japanese beetle's this year. They don't seem to be bothering my roses, or the normal plants in my garden that they usually like. Instead, they have attacked my herb garden. The borage and the basil, have been ruined. I will be glad when they leave. I am grateful that they are only here for a short time.


Leslie said...

Oh...I'm sorry about your basil! I didn't know japanese beetles liked memory from childhood is picked them off roses only. How long do they hang around? I'm glad we don't have them here...but we pay for it by not having fireflies either ;)

Kylee said...

So far, my garden has been under the Japanese Beetle's radar. I have no idea why, and maybe they'll eventually find it. I know they're around, because I've seen them in other people's gardens!

I was wondering the same thing Leslie was - when is JB season over?

vonlafin said...

I seems like forever, but the beetles are usually not here for more than a few weeks, to a month. But all they do while they are here is mate, mate, mate, and eat, eat, and eat!!

Muum said...

sorry about the Japanese Beetles. So far we don't have them here (UTah) - although they found some in Utah county (about 90 miles south of me) and are spraying an area to get rid of them. Sure don't want those nasty , nasty buggers.