Monday, June 25, 2007


I guess that I forgot that I was going to do a Plant of the Week. So I will get to it.
This week, it is Hosta.
I have tons of them, and use them almost like a groundcover.
Hosta's are almost the perfect plant. Some varieties will grow in sun, but most prefer light to heavy shade. They have few pests, though some people have trouble with slugs. Some varieties have flowers that a fragrant.
I usually just start with one plant of a variety, and keep dividing it until I have enough to fill an area. Sometimes I even divide it before I plant it. I am also sometimes asked by customers to remove or divide hosta's in their gardens. I love when that happens, because I usually end up with lots of new plants. The only problem with this is that I don't know the names of all of the hosta's that I have. But, I have a lot of great hosta, regardless of the variety.
My husband keeps telling me to count them and see how many I have, but I never seem to find the time for that. I am guessing that I probably have 25-30 different varieties, and probably a couple hundred plants.
The variety that I have the most of, though I don't know it's name, is one that I dug from outside my Grandmother's back door, 30 years ago. I have divided that plant, and shared it with many people, and have planted it in several areas of my yard. I always think of my Grandma when I am around them.
The variety in the picture is 'Gold Crown". It is a very nice hosta, short with a yellow-gold color. The flowers are nice also. As I was taking this picture there was a chipping sparrow giving me a hard time. I wasn't sure why until I started looking around and found a tiny nest in the shrub to the left of the hosta. The babies were peeking out, so I was afraid to get close enough for a picture of them. Lucky she let me know, because that shrub is going as soon as I get the time to take it out. It is a "Summer Snowflake' viburnum, and has not done very well. I think the late freeze this spring really hurt it, and it has not recovered, so out it goes. But now I will have to wait until the babies have left the nest.


Carol said...

You should have gone to the National Hosta Convention down in Indianapolis last week!

Gina said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love hosta but don't have much of a shade garden. Your's look great.