Monday, June 11, 2007


What a beautiful weekend! To bad that I spent most of it moving sprinklers. I did manage to accomplish a few things in spite of the watering. I have a long narrow garden along the back of my property. I have changed it several times, the most recent being from a white garden or moon garden, to a fruit garden.
I planted a 'Gala' apple tree at one end, with strawberries under it. Then in the middle, raspberries, on on the other end, blueberries. I planted most of these last fall. The rabbits have decided that this is now their own personal buffet! Finally, I had enough. I headed to the nearest Menard's and bought enough plastic poultry fence to go around it. Of course I ran out 4 feet from the end, so I made a gate out of regular chicken wire.
The bed is edged with timber's, and when I installed the fence, I let about 6 inches of it lay on the ground on the inside of the bed, and laid a row of old bricks on top of it, before mulching it with leaves.
Well, my family is placing bets on how soon the rabbits will figure a way in. If that happens, I am going to declare war, and I should not be held responsible for what I might do!
I have eaten a few strawberries from the bed, and the blueberries are ripening. Of course my husband remarked about how much each of those berries cost me, with the time and materials that I have invested in this bed.
Needless to say, I ignored that comment....after all, who can put a price on foiling those rabbit's!

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Carol said...

Darn rabbits. I've had some decent luck with cayenne pepper thought I have to remember to reapply it occasionally. Good luck with the fence, I hope they do stay out.