Sunday, June 24, 2007


Every year at this time our local Rural King farm store discounts all of their plants 50 %. I always check out the selection beforehand. I also have other gardening friends watching the place, and whoever see's the 50% discount signs first, calls the others.
I didn't have much hope this year, I would cruise by and note how awful the plants looked. I don't think that they believe in watering their plants, and since we have had no rain, the plants went without water. It finally got so depressing to see the plants so thirsty for water, I stopped driving by.
But then I got the call, the plant's were marked down, so off I went.
The plants surprisingly looked pretty good. They must have started watering after I stopped checking on them. So, I started collecting the plants that I had picked out earlier.
Many of the plants they carry are Proven Winner's, but they also carry some basic plants. I spent around $100.00.
This is what I ended up with:
1 'Vanilla Spice' coral bells (interesting white flowers)
3 'Weston's Parade' azalea's (hardy to zone 3, blooms in the summer)
1 'Mme. Lemoine lilac
1 'Pinky Winky' hydrangea
2 'Snowstorm' spirea
2 'Rising Sun' coreopsis
1 'Angel Daisy' shasta daisy
1 'Jackmanii' clematis
1 'Leonardo' leopard's bane
1 'Adonis Blue' butterfly bush
8 burning bush ( I want to make a hedge with these)
1 'Miss Canada' lilac
I think I did very well. The burning bush were only $2.50 each, and looked really good. I still may have to make one more trip over there, I did see a few dogwood tree's that I might NEED.
Other than shopping for plants, I didn't get much else done this weekend outside. It rained all day here on Saturday, which was wonderful. We got about 1 1/2 inches. Sunday I did a little weeding, they came out a lot easier when the ground has some moisture in it, and then did some mulching with grass clipping in the vegetable garden. If I lay newspaper down and cover with grass clippings, it keeps the weeds down most of the summer.
So, I will be planting some of my new babies after work in the evenings. Since it doesn't get dark until almost 10:00, I will have plenty of time.
Have a great week.


Hedgey said...

Sounds like you got some nice plants. I have quite a few on my wish list too but this summer looks like it might be pretty dry so I don't think I'd get too ambitious.

Carol said...

You did good! Looks like you will be busy for several evenings getting everything planted.

Connie said...

Hi, stopping by from Garden Voices. Nice deal on the plants! Last fall a local nursery was selling perennials for $1.00 each! So I bought White Coneflower, Michaelmas daisy, Campanula Cherry Belles, and a few more.
Happy planting! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm intereseted in buying a living plant of arnica montana or common arnica or Sneezewort. please let me know where i can get this?

Anonymous said...

hi, i forgot to leave my contact email for the arnica plant -

much thanks, anonymous