Sunday, May 13, 2007


It is so dry here! We have not had any measurable rain for at least 3 weeks. I have never seen a spring where the ground has cracks from the lack of moisture. There are areas in my lawn that are burning up, this usually doesn't happen until July or August.
Many of my plants suffered from the late freeze, and now the lack of rain is adding additional stress. My sweet bay magnolia has one side completely leafed out, and the other side just starting to leaf out. I finally had to run the sprinkler on that bed, to try and help it along.
I didn't get much done in my lawn on Saturday. We had to go to Indy for plant material for some landscape jobs we have lined up. The only good thing about giving up my Saturday morning, was that because it was the day before Mother's Day, I managed to convince my husband that I needed a few more perennials, to replace the ones that I lost over the winter. I also picked up some new roses.
On Sunday, Mothers Day, my gift from my husband an Son was, 'Slave for a Day'. I have gotten this gift for the past few years, and I love it! They agree to do anything that I want them to do in the yard, for most of the day. Now neither one of them care one bit about gardening, so I save up the things I want done, and they get as many of them done as possible. So, tonight I have a new water line buried to the back of the property, so I don't have to pull hoses, and a few other misc. jobs that I have had on my 'to do' list for a while. This gift means a lot to me, because I know how bad they didn't want to be doing 'gardeny' things on such a beautiful day.
I worked on a perennial bed that was ruined when we buried a drain to the ditch in front of out property. I removed a hedge of roses, that never did as well as I thought that they should, so this opened up all kinds of space for new plants.
The mourning dove has chosen the spot in this perennial bed to build her nest. I have been working in this bed off and on, this Spring. She never moves a muscle, no matter how close you get. But today, my husband was digging with the back hoe, and that finally did it. I took this picture of the little ones, while she was away from the nest. I always say that mourning doves are the laziest birds. Their nest is usually just a few twigs. But this Mother put a little more effort into the nest for her babies. I don't suppose that it will be long, and they will be gone.
I don't know where my wrens are. I know that they are back, but have not been in any of the houses that I have for them. I hope that they show up, they are my favorites.
I have been trying to attract blue birds for years, with no luck. So of course my neighbor puts up a house, and within a few days, the blue birds have found it and are moving in. Very disappointing, but at least I can enjoy them over the fence.
Well, until next weekend.....


Robin said...

What a nice Mother's Day gift. I'd much rather have that kind of gift too. I'm a pretty practical person . My husband knows not to buy me roses, (what a waste of money), I'd rather have a rose bush for the garden, (something that will last and be enjoyed for a long time). I'm glad that you were able to get a picture of the baby doves; they are so cute. I do hope that we get much needed rain this week. We've had to water some too.

Carol said...

We haven't had much rain down here in Indy, either. It rained some on Wednesday, but other than that, it's been sunny and pretty and dry. But tomorrow, we are supposed to get some rain. I hope we do!