Monday, May 28, 2007


I have waited all month for this weekend. Three days in my garden. I would get loads of work done. By Monday night, I was sure to have the garden in perfect condition.
Well, Mother Nature had other plans.
We need rain so bad that I didn't even mind when the forecast was for rain, all three days. The problem was, that it rained off and on, all weekend, but we only ended up with 1/2 an inch total. It seemed like every time I got involved in something, it would begin to sprinkle. So, I ended up doing a lot of weeding, and planting some plants that I have picked up at the various big box stores.
I know, I shouldn't be shopping at those places. They don't take care of their plants, and often don't have a clue what they are selling. But our local Lowe's store has a habit of putting some of their less that perfect plants on 75 % clearance. I can't pass them up. I just know that I can save them. So I buy them for pennies, and take them home and pamper them back to health. So far I have had pretty good luck. Most of them make it and do well. Some of the plants are just past their bloom time, and that is the only thing wrong with them. So I take them home, and plant them, and am happy to wait a year to see them bloom in my garden.
I have a nesting box on the back of my shed that the robins have ignored for several years. This year they decided to move in. Of course they didn't want me around, but they did allow me to take this picture, before they take off on their own.
I am beginning to worry about my wren's. They are always moved in by now, but so far I haven't seen or heard them anywhere in the yard. I have several houses to choose from, but they just haven't been around to check them out. I have had several families every year since we moved here, but nothing yet this season. I sure hope they show up. I can't imagine a summer without them.
My rose bushes are starting to bloom. This large one, I think the name is 'William Baffin', always seems to do well. It gets no special care, but only blooms once, so I have to enjoy it for the few weeks it is in bloom.
I still don't have my vegetable garden planted. I did get it tilled on Saturday, but then it rained just enough to keep me from getting anything planted. Maybe I will be able to get that done some evening this week.
The forecast is for rain again towards the end of the week, so I had better not leave the vegetable garden until the weekend, or it may not get planted.
Memorial Day seems to mark the end of Spring for me. My goal is to always have my annuals all planted, and hopefully the garden in.
I didn't make it this year.

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Carol said...

It's been an odd spring around Indiana. I just got the vegetable garden planted last week. I was also happy to have the rain, and we only ended up with about 3/4 of an inch over the weekend. We need more!