Sunday, April 1, 2007


I HATE WIND!! I hate trying to work in the wind. Everything blows around, and you spend most of your time chasing things around the yard. It just wears me out to be out in it. I will take heat over wind any day. They said that we would have gusts to 30 mph. today, and I believe they were right.
I needed to trim a overgrown cotoneaster, and thought that I could get that done today in spite of the wind. The branches were blowing around, the the kneeling cushions I use to kneel on wet ground, kept blowing away, so finally I just gave up.
My 'Ann' magnolia is in full bloom, and the wind is beating it around too. This magnolia is a great large shrub/small tree. This one is about 6-7 years old, and shouldn't get much bigger than it is now. I like this particular variety, because it blooms heavy in the spring, and then sporadically throughout the summer.
I also planted one of the new 'Butterflies' magnolia's 2 years ago. The blooms are a beautiful soft yellow, and his a very lite fragrance. It gets a lot larger than Ann does, but I think that it will be a very popular magnolia once it is easier to find. It seems to grow pretty quickly, and blooms at the same time that other magnolia's are blooming.
I am glad that I have been able to enjoy the magnolia's this week, because I think by the middle of the week the forecast is for frost, and that would have taken care of them. They bloom for such a short time, I hate to miss it.

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