Thursday, April 26, 2007


After being hit with a couple of good freezes, my Sargent crab (Malus sargentii) has decided to go ahead and bloom. It is not as bright white as usual, but I will take what I can get at this point. The unknown azalea variety growing under it is not doing to badly either.
The most plant damage that I have found has been on crab trees and hydrangeas. The crab trees seem to be dropping the old dead leaves and sending out new ones, but the hydrangeas are just sitting there. I have noticed a little new growth at the bottom of some of them, but a few don't look like they are going to try again. That makes me sad, because you can never have to many hydrangeas!
The rain from yesterday sure made a difference in my yard, the plants loved it. We are getting another shower now, and then the weekend is supposed to be clear and warm. So it looks like I will spend another couple of days mulching. I am way ahead of last year, and with another couple of weekends work, I should be able to sit around the rest of the summer and enjoy the flowers.
I know, that's not going to happen, but it's nice to dream!


Carol said...

The crabapple looks pretty good considering the cold snap we had in April.

Kylee said...

Oh, your beautiful azalea! It looks like one that I planted last year and lost over the winter. :-( I love azaleas and wish I could grow them successfully, but I'm afraid to try them again. (I lost both of the ones I had.)