Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I sure have enjoyed the weather this past week, but I was very glad to see the rain come. We got 1 inch of rain today, and expect more tomorrow. Everything was very dry here, and I could just tell that the plants just needed a little boost. I also had done some seeding in different spots around the lawn, and I hate dragging a hose around.
While out on my 'garden check' walk each evening, I have watched my Variegated Solomon's Seal, (polygonatum multiflorum 'variegatum'), sprout, and then grow inches every day. It almost looks like asparagus when it first comes out of the ground, but quickly stretches up and leafs out. It grows in the shade, and multiplies quickly, without taking over. In my garden, everyone who sees it wants a start, so it never has a chance to spread much. I have pulled it up and shared it with friends throughout the year, and it never seems to mind being disturbed.
As you might be able to tell, it is one of my favorites. There aren't many plants that are so carefree, don't seem to be bothered by any pests, and gets along so well with other plants and in a shady situation. I always look forward to there little heads poking up out of the leaf mulch first thing in the spring.

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