Saturday, April 14, 2007


What a rainy, snowy , all round nasty day!
We needed to go to Indy to pick up some plants for a landscape we are doing this week. And since it was not a very good day to do anything else, we decided to make the trip. After collecting the plant material that we needed, I hinted around that since we couldn't do much at home, maybe we could find a half price bookstore.
So we went looking. We ended up on Allisonville road at a tool store that my husband loves. As I was thinking, "how boring", I spotted the book store that I was looking for! So I had my husband drop me off at the door, and told him to take as much time as he needed at the tool store, no really, TAKE AS MUCH TIME AS YOU WANT!!
The problem came as I stepped through the door and saw the sign that said, "HALF PRICE ON ALL CLEARANCE BOOKS, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY". What are the chances!! So, needless to say, I made a bee line to the back of the store.
Of course it was crowded, but I managed to wriggle my way to the garden books. There were lots of them. I had to take my basket to the register area twice, to have them hold the books for me. What a great time I had! The best part was, that the book were just 50 cents each, so I got all of them for the price that I would have paid for one book, new.
My question to you is this. When do we have enough books? When do we say, "I don't need any more gardening books, I have plenty". Will we ever be able to say, "no, I don't need to go into that bookstore, I don't want anymore books".
Now, the problem that I will have to face in the VERY near future, (like, right now), is where to put the new books that I purchase. I have used all available space in my house, and until my Son moves out, (and that doesn't look like it is going to happen anytime soon) I have no place else to put them. While cataloging my books at Librarything, I weeded out any books that I thought that I could part with. And because most of my collection of books are of the reference type, unlike novels that I would read and get rid of, I have no hope of any space coming available in the near future.
So that is it. How do I stay away from bookstores until a solution can be found? Surely someone else out there has faced a similar problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Now, I am off to add my new books to Librarything!


Anonymous said...

I had this same problem as well, and found a solution that worked for me. I went to the flea market and purchased an old book case that would tuck perfectly into the corner of the guest room. I painted it white with a low VOC paint (from Olympic) and it is now a special out-of-the-way spot for all my gardening books. Total cost (including paint) was about $30.00.

jfm1228 said...

Just start stacking books in your son's room. Once he can no longer get into his room due to the massive amount of books, perhaps he will get the idea! Nice blog page! joellen :)

vonlafin said...

Thanks JoEllen, what a great idea!!!

Kylee said...

I UNDERSTAND! Books are just one more of my addictions........

Blackswamp_Girl said...

"When do we have enough books?" Um... is there such a thing as having enough books?!?! teehee.

By the way, thanks for the comment re: the 'Dortmund' rose. I plan to keep coming back to visit your blog, so I hope to see some pics of yours blooming this summer. :)