Saturday, March 24, 2007


Finally, I can get out in the yard for a little while. To wet to do much, but it was nice just being outside.
I got up this morning planning to clean the house. But as soon as I saw the sun trying to come out, I decided that it was time for the overwintered plants in the basement, to be moved to the greenhouse. I always hate that job, because some of them are pretty heavy.
What a surprise when I started moving them. My favorite orchid, (he is mainly my favorite because I have not managed to kill him yet), is in bloom! So, I hustled him out to the greenhouse, knowing that he would be much happier there. I divided this Orchid two years ago, and this is the first time that it has bloomed really well since. It grows like a weed, another reason it is my favorite. So, now I was on a roll! My Gardenia had a bad case of the spider mites, so I had to take care of that before I moved her into the greenhouse.
Everyone else looked pretty good, but I am sure all were happy to return to a nice, bright, warm environment.
Next, I brought all of my additives and chemicals back outside to my shed. I garden mostly organic, but occasionally I need a little help. Spider mites is one pest that I have never been able to handle with organic insecticides, and scale is another.
So, after that was all finished, I decided to start trimming the Honeysuckle. That is a huge job, and since it looked like the rain was moving in, I thought that I could trim until I got rained out, and that is exactly what happened.
So now I am back in the house, and I think that I have a little time left for cleaning. Darn, that is not how I had it planned! Oh well, better to get it done while it is raining outside and I am not able to do much else, than to have to give up a sunny day to be inside.
I made one last spin around the yard before I went in and found this little Iris histroides 'Katherine Hodgkin', blooming. I ordered a bunch of bulbs last fall, and didn't get them planted right away, and when I finally got around to planting them, some had deteriorated so much, that I knew they would never grow. The rest of them I planted, and hoped that they would be alright. This was one of them. This species is called an Orchid Iris. I have never grown them and will be anxious to see how they do.
Well, I am off to clean the house.

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