Monday, March 26, 2007


Well, I finally tackled the honeysuckle vine this evening. I have been dreading it because it is so overgrown, but it had to be done. The birds enjoyed roosting in it all winter, and were not a bit happy that I was trimming it back. The vine that I have came from a start from a friend of mine, and she got her start from her Mother's garden, so it is definitely an old variety. There is nothing like that smell when it is in bloom. The only problem is that it usually needs to be trimmed back twice a year. It also is very strong, so a normal trellis won't get it. I use the hog panels sold at farm stores. They form a barrier between the herb garden and the rest of the yard, and the honeysuckle makes a nice cover.

I also am working on a area in my yard that borders the neighbors lawn, (calling it a lawn is VERY generous of me!) I have looked at the mess for two years and finally decided that I have had enough. They started renovating there house, and all of the junk went out the back door, where it has stayed.
There is already a fence dividing our property, but I am now adding a wood fence in front of the wire one, to hide the mess. I will only have to put up 3-8 foot panels, but what an aggravation, not to mention the cost. But if I wait around for them to clean it up......well, that just isn't going to happen.
So we bought the fence, and now need to get it up before the lily of the valley, and the hosta's are up, or they will be trampled, and with these 80 degree days, they will be a foot tall by the weekend!


Carol said...

Ugh, that is a horrible view! I'd be putting up a fence, too.

Jenn said...

We have a really large honeysuckle vine on our back fence, that I would like to grow a start off of, do you know how to do it? I wasnt sure if I should just snip and put the snipping in a glass of water to root maybe?


vonlafin said...

Jenn, My honeysuckle vine just roots down all by itself. You may help it along by laying a rock on a stem that is touching the ground, and then check it in a month or so, and it should be rooted down. Then, cut it away from the parent plant, and you have got a new vine. Good luck!