Friday, March 30, 2007


What a great day! I did not have to work today so headed for the herb garden early this morning. I spent the day dividing, moving, and mulching. I am getting nervous that the leaves I stock piled last winter to mulch my beds, are running out, with two beds left to go. But, I did have enough to finish the herb garden. I have never had the herb garden done before all of the plants were a foot tall. It is so much easier to do when the are just sprouting! I always leave it until last, and then I dread doing it, so I am VERY happy this evening. All that I have to do now, is uncover the pond, which I wait to do until everything is up, or else all of the leaves end up floating on top.
I am also adding a few pictures for all of you fighting the battle of the rabbit. The first is the nest that I found under the maple tree in the ivy. I hate finding them when they are full of babies, because I can't bring myself to destroy it. But this one is still empty, so I can fill the hole.
The second picture is what I found in my trap this morning. I had put this trap out two weeks ago, baited with carrot's, and then lettuce. Something kept stealing the bait, and not setting off the trap. So I moved it a few days ago, and threw a carrot towards the back. This morning, there she was! You just never know. Sometimes I will have the trap set for weeks, and just by moving it, I finally get one.
Now, if anyone has a problem with me trapping rabbits, just give me your address, and I will be happy to drop this sweet little thing off in your neighborhood. ;)


Carol said...

My trap is still empty. I long for it to have a bunny in it, like yours! DO NOT bring that down to Indianapolis! DO NOT!

vonlafin said...

I actually was thinking of you when I wrote this post. Are you sure your bunny wouldn't like a little company? I get to Indy occasionally, it wouldn't be much trouble. ;)