Friday, March 30, 2007


This month's book selection was definitely different. I started out liking it, then I thought it started to drag a bit, and I lost interest in it for a few days. I picked it up and tried again, and I kind of enjoyed the rest of it.
I got a kick out of his odd observations, like why in leap years a day is added to the cold and nasty month of February instead of May. I also enjoyed the chapter when he goes on vacation.
I guess I saw myself in so many of his thoughts, and could relate to so many of the things that he talked about. It is hard to believe that this book was first published in 1929. The things that he writes about, are the same things that we face today. From unruly hoses to the delight at getting your hands on some "nice manure'.
It would have been a joy to have had a long chat with him over the difference between gardening in Prague, and gardening in Indiana.

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Carol said...

Thanks for participating again in the Garden Bloggers' Book Club! I agree, it would have been nice to talk to Capek, or visit his garden.