Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Well, I got a little bit of work done outside this week. I am well ahead of the game from last year. I have found that getting the beds cleaned off in the fall, saves me loads of work in the Spring, and also doesn't give the rabbits as many hiding places over the winter.
I started on the back perennial beds, because they are farthest away from the house, and I like to get them done and out of the way first.
I am so thankful for the leaves that we collect in the fall. They are run through a mower and then a vacuum, which leaves them shredded. We maintain several lawns that have oak trees. I make sure those loads of leaves are dumped in the back garden to use there. It is so easy to lay them when there is no plant growth, so I put down fertilizer and cover the bed with the leaves. I have very few problems with weeds throughout the summer that way. I got one half of the back bed done, and have the other half to do this coming weekend.
I ran across a very handy addition to my arsenal of gardening stuff. When I bought this bag I really didn't have much faith in it being that helpful, but was I wrong! This bag has become my best friend, especially on windy days. I drag it along with me, and what I put in it, stays there until I dump it on the compost pile. I really expected it to wear out half way through the summer, but it has held up well, and I am using it again this spring. It sure beats the tarps that I was using. After I found out how much I used it, I bought several to use in the business. They held up well also, even with daily use. The price is right on them also, I think that they were five or six dollars at Menard's. It is always nice to find something new, that works so well.

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